3 Benefits of Living in a Rural Area

If urban life is too loud and fast for you, a rural location might give you the slower, relaxed pace you crave. At the beginning of the 20th century, people moved en masse to cities, but now people are starting to move back out into less populated areas. Here are three benefits of living in a rural location.

Great Stargazing

If you love to work and relax out under the sky, country locations are great places to do so. The light pollution of crowded urban locations is far away, and you can better see the moon and stars. For contemplatives who long to meditate on the wonder of it all, stellar stargazing could be reason enough to pack city life in and move further away from the lights and busyness of modern life.

Less Pollution

In the country, you get the smell of plants and dirt more often than exhaust fumes. You can fill your lungs with air and not dissolve in a fit of coughing. Getting clean water also is easier than in cities, although you might need to dig your own well. While country life has many benefits, it also requires responsibility, and providing water for your dwelling might well be one of those things you must do. Some companies specialize in providing well services and supplies such as a storage tank Tampa FL.

Privacy and Space

Rural life offers the seemingly paradoxical benefit of privacy and space. With a country home, you get both because people are not crowded together in a small area. Your closest neighbor might be a mile or more away, or separated by dense forest. You can live without feeling you are being watched like the residents in Alfred Hitchcock’s classic film, “Rear Window.”

While urban life offers some benefits, people in growing numbers are moving to rural locations. The quiet and purity of country surroundings offers solace and joy that city life cannot equal, even with all of its modern conveniences. Ultimately, peace on the inside is becoming more valuable than having a take-away restaurant around the corner.