3 Different Fields of Engineering

The InSight lander in its cruise stage configuration prior to undergoing acoustic testing at Lockheed Martin.

The field of engineering encompasses a wide range of specialties. Each branch offers a unique service, and some of the specialties have a certain level of overlap among them. To learn more about some of the subspecialties of engineering, consider these three: Structural engineering, manufacturing engineering and aerospace engineering.

Structural Engineering

structural engineer Austin TX examines residential and commercial buildings to make sure that the foundations and supporting structures are safe. Many of them also offer advice for the building of new projects and can help architects determine if a design is structurally sound. Civil engineers typically focus on things like roads and bridges while structural engineers focus on buildings.

Manufacturing Engineering

For every assembly line that products we use go through, there is a manufacturing engineer who helped design the process. Manufacturing engineers often have crossover with systems and industrial engineers. The main goal in this branch of the field is efficiency; everything is designed so that maximum output is reached without compromising on quality.

Aerospace Engineering

Airplanes, jets, helicopters, space shuttles and more are designed in part by aerospace engineers. They help create functional machines that get people and cargo to their destination faster than any other mode of transportation. These engineers often work alongside quality control engineers to make sure that the vessels are safe for use. Due to the magnitude of these projects, it can take years to be completed.

Engineering is a career that has been getting a lot more attention lately due in part to the advancement of STEM education in schools. For those interested in a career in one of the fields, job shadowing may be available. This can give valuable insight into what the daily life of an engineer is like and the ins and outs of the complex work that they do.