4 Benefits of Mosquito Fogging

Nothing ruins a nice evening outside quicker than aggressive mosquitoes. Mosquitoes are annoying and spread diseases like Zika, West Nile virus and in some areas dengue and malaria. If you’re looking for a solution that eliminates mosquitoes from your entire yard, here are four benefits of fogging.

  1. Safe for People and Pets

Mosquito fogging is applied throughout your yard by professional pest control services Houston TX and covers lawn, plants and shrubs. Fogging kills mosquitoes on contact and keeps them at bay for about three weeks. Best of all, the treatment poses no danger to you or your pets.

  1. Easy Scheduling of Treatments

Having your property treated for pests is easy when you get on a monthly schedule. You won’t need to do any of the work yourself and your yard will stay mosquito-free. There are also options to set up automatic misting that releases fog daily, for particularly hard-hit areas.

  1. Fogging Is Fast

Another benefit of mosquito fogging is that it’s fast! You can enjoy your yard a half-hour after treatment is complete. This makes it easy to fog an area before a barbecue, party or any special event like a wedding. It also allows the celebration to go into the evening without everyone getting bitten.

  1. No More Skin Repellent

With regular mosquito fogging, you can stop using bug sprays and repellents on your skin. Although repellents are usually safe for your skin, many people including children experience a reaction. Bug spray can’t be used on irritated skin and it stings when it gets in your eyes. Plus, it smells bad and feels greasy.

If spending time in your yard is like an open buffet for mosquitoes, take control with fogging treatments. They’re fast, easy and safe for both people and pets.