4 Services for When Disaster Strikes

Mother Nature does not discriminate when it comes to storm damage. All over the country, tornadoes, hurricanes, floods, and high winds can cause damage to your home.  If you’ve been hit by a natural disaster, then these services could help you to get back up on your feet.

Insurance Adjustor

You’ll want to start with a call to your insurance agent. Your insurance is designed to help you in cases just like this and will help you to make an initial assessment for damages, begin your insurance claim process, and provide recommendations for certified storm clean-up services in your area. Having great insurance is key to a smooth clean-up process.

Tree Removal

Oftentimes storms will blow loose dead branches, and can even take an entire tree down. If this happens to you, a storm damage tree removal Baltimore county MD service can help you safely dismantle the tree, bringing equipment to your site that will dispose of fallen branches, limbs, and trees.

Flood Services

Hurricanes and heavy rain can cause flooding in your home, and there are multiple services available to help you mitigate the damages that unwanted water in your home could bring about. Water can show up in strange places, be sure to check basements, walls, and ceilings for water damage brought about by the storm. A good restoration service will dry out the area and prevent future mold and home problems.

Structural Repair

Sometimes the storm is big enough to dent siding, cause damage to your roof, and even break windows; in these cases, structural repair will be needed to recover from the storm. A good home contractor will be able to help you assess the damage and create a plan for fixing what is broken.

Dealing with the aftermath of a storm is never fun. Finding great companies to help you with the heavy work is a good start to getting your home back to normal!