4 Ways To Create a Safety Culture in Your Manufacturing Company

With rising insurance costs, many companies are looking to improve on their safety strategies and practices. This is especially true for those involved in the manufacturing industry. By enforcing some of these safety tips, you can reduce the risk of accidents in the workplace and help lower your workman’s comp insurance premiums.

  1. Encourage Safety or Hazard Reporting

Make everyone aware of their responsibility to develop a safe work environment by instructing them to report potential safety hazards. This isn’t to create a culture of snitched, so be sure to put the emphasis on situations or practices that think might be unsafe. Have a reporting process where a direct supervisor is notified, the situation or report documented and brought to the safety manager’s attention.

  1. Try To Automate Risky Activities

Some automated processes are much safer than human effort, and overhead lifting of oversized objects is one aspect. When you decide to select the best hoists Nashville TN companies have to offer, make sure you look into radio or remote-controlled options. Crane operators or hoist personnel that don’t have to be physically close to an object reduces the risk of an accident.

  1. Have a Documented Safety Checklist

Make sure everyone on every shift is on the same page with safety practices and checks. Create a checklist for important items and assign a manager or specific team to conduct audits against the checklists. Make sure to include electrical, chemical and ergonomic hazards for a comprehensive approach to risk management.

  1. Maintain Full Safety Equipment Reserves

Wearing the right safety gear should be an obvious step toward protection, but if the equipment isn’t on hand or it isn’t organized, employees tend to go on without it. Have an organized storage system for all safety gear and make sure there is more than enough for your employees.

Safety practices are a critical step in keeping your employees free from injury while on the job. These safety tips can start reducing injury risks immediately.