Essentials for your luxury bedroom

You ever wonder why returning from a vacation is the most dreadful feeling ever? Well, not only because you are returning to the grind of normal life but also you are leaving behind those wonderful hotel suits and going back to your plain old bedroom. Those luxurious hotel rooms that make us feel like royalty are just rooms that have been carefully set up with a few slightly expensive items and artistic sensibility that is not so hard to replicate in this day and age.

Just imagine if you could come home from work and be greeted by a chilled room with a plush bed, that is covered in the softest linens and the coziest throw pillows, and the soft light of a lamp illuminates the room. If you do not have a nice plush bed, you can order a plush mattress in a box online and have it sent to your home. Sounds like heaven, does not it? Well, this heaven is far more easily attainable than you would have thought. Follow this checklist of essentials that will turn your simple bedroom into your private lap of luxury:

Air Conditioning

It is a common consensus that a sweating body beneath the sheets is perhaps one of the most uncomfortable feelings ever. How can a person relax and feel completely stress-free if combusting from the heat in the room? So, a wall mounted air conditioner is the first thing on your list of luxury must-haves for your bedroom. This item is also the first one that you should be budgeting for and even though this will cost you a significant amount of cash, consider it a long term investment. A good quality air conditioner will last up to a decade or two with the right maintenance, thus making it well worth the money you spend on it. The newer inverter kinds available on the market double up as heaters for the winter months as well, and that will save you the expense of purchasing a separate heater.

King-sized bed

What is the first thing that one notices as they enter a hotel room? The bed, of course, and more specifically, the size of the bed. A huge bed just beckons you to jump up and do a body slam onto it, and that is what you should be aiming for when selecting a bed frame. A king-sized bed will give you all the space to move around and extend your limbs and even with a partner beside you, and it would not get crowded or overheated. Look at this picture and tell us if that bed does not make you want to dive right into it?

Linens and pillows

While the best part about a bedroom is the bed, it is the linens that transform it into the “softer than clouds” vibe you are going for. A bed that feels crisp and clean and cozy altogether is far more easily achievable than you would have thought. Do not fret about the thread count when you go about buying your sheets, rather, touch and feel the quality of the fabric and pick out the ones that feel the most premium to your sense of touch.

The new linens, together with the overflowing throw pillows and a warm, fleecy throw blanket, is sure to turn your bed into a haven of dreams.


If you aim at creating a soothing environment for your bedroom, the wrong lighting is sure to be the final nail in the coffin. Nothing ruins a cozy vibe more than harsh lighting. Your bedroom will most likely not reflect that picture of opulence if a regular bulb hangs from the ceiling and throws just harsh white light over its surroundings. Lighting is a very significant factor, one that most people tend to neglect when doing a makeover, so be sure to give it the amount of attention that it deserves.

Research both online and in stores as an array of new modern light fixtures are now available. Be it ceiling lights, glow lights or unstated LEDs, all of these products now come in various deviants themselves. Choose matt finish or that shiny gold finish or even the vintage look of copper or brass fittings, according to the general theme of your room. Long had passed the time when chandeliers were restricted to formal sitting rooms only, now is the era of ‘Go big or go home’. An elegant single or maybe even two-tiered chandelier is sure to give your bedroom the vibe of a boutique hotel suite. In addition to bedside lamps, floor lamps are an added accessory that will radiate warm glowing light around the room, perfect for setting the mood for some late-night pillow talk or even plain old Netflix. Finally, these lamps should turn your room into a dimly lit oasis that helps you transition into a long uninterrupted sleep.

Statement pieces

 An ornate bed frame, a unique vintage dresser that nobody knows your grandma passed you down, a reclining leather armchair; all and any of such pieces can be the statement maker for your room. However, do not clutter the room with too much or too huge furniture; instead, let each article keep its distinct space and shine on its own. Also, it is not mandatory for a statement piece to be expensive or over the top. It can be as subtle as a big three-wicker candle radiating fragrance from the center of a table. Or a plush rug that your feet sink into when you step onto it. It is the artefact and the mood it reflects that matters far more than its price tag. You can also transform your grandma’s old dresser into a vintage collectable by sanding it down, giving it a spray of paint and re-vamping the old hardware with shiny new metallic ones.

Conclusively, the ideal luxury bedroom should most importantly be clutter-free. And while we understand that this is more of an organizational skill rather than an essential, can a pile of bills lying on your bedside table be cohesive with the image of opulence that you wish to create?  Keep the floors empty, and that means no piles of books or visible cables loitering about. Just like your nightstand, a cluttered vanity can make your whole bedroom look messy. So invest in some inexpensive makeup organizers, baskets and other such items that will stow away the little products that appear as clutter.


Finally, add a pot of an evergreen plant or a vintage record player or a unique dream catcher to give your bedroom your distinct character. So that every time you enter it, you feel like you have entered a hotel suite that has been customized to suit your taste and aesthetics.