Getting Your Factory Ready for Opening Day in 3 Easy Steps

When you’re starting a business that involves manufacturing, you know that you need to establish a factory. However, there are so many complicated tasks that you don’t know where to begin. Use these steps to simplify the process and set up your first factory.

  1. Purchase Your Equipment

Start by purchasing your large machinery that creates your products or the raw materials for them. This tends to be your biggest investment besides purchasing premises, so it’s good to take care of it first, when you have the most room in your budget. Don’t forget to include add-ons such as Donaldson compressed air filters if you have machines that involve combustion.

  1. Purchase Your Fuel

Now that you have the equipment, you need some way to make everything run. The fuel source for your machines varies widely depending on their size and purpose. Some are simply plugged into an electrical socket, so you need to make sure that your building has power and that you leave room in your budget for the electrical bill. Others require gasoline, oil, or another fossil fuel, and still others use renewable energy. Stock up on enough fuel to get you through your first months so you don’t have a fuel shortage during this critical period.

  1. Determine Your Production Process

Once your equipment is in place and the fuel is ready, decide how you and your employees will operate these machines. How many people need to be on shift at the same time, and can they maintain multiple machines at once? What will you do with the finished products before they are sold? These logistical questions are good ones to ask before you hire any workers since they determine how many people you need on your staff.

Follow these three steps, and you’ll be ready to open your factory in no time.