How to Add Historic Flair to Your Home

Whether you’ve recently purchased an old home or you simply want to make your new home feel more historic, there are plenty of things you can do to give it that special touch. Some of these projects can be quickly and easily done on your own, while some may require the assistance of a professional to install. Use this list to garner some ideas and see if any pique your interest.

Lay Old Brick 

A classic brick wall can make a big statement in your home. You can buy antique thin brick and install it on the interior of your home to make it look as if that wall is an original antique that you’ve opted to leave exposed. If you’re more interested in upping your curb appeal, you can also lay full antique bricks to the exterior of your home to give it that weathered, aged, and classic look.

Visit Antique Shops

One of the potentially most enjoyable ways to add a historic feel to your home is to make it a hobby to visit antique shops, or even thrift stores. Any time you see a vintage piece of furniture or knick-knack, you can purchase it and bring it back to give it a place of honor in your home. Even if the home itself looks new, being full of antique treasures can sufficiently give it a classic touch.

Install Vintage Doors or Windows

Another option is to find a restoration store where you can purchase old doors and windows. Pick pieces that complement your home nicely and give them a second life on your property. If you aren’t up for replacing an entire door, you can always just install vintage door knobs so your guests can truly feel the historicity every time they visit.

There are plenty of options available for making your home feel more vintage, including adding antique bricks, furniture, or doors.