How To Stay Cozy This Fall

What are your favorite ways to stay cozy in the fall and winter months? Do you bundle up in socks and blankets and put on a nostalgic movie? Maybe you bake a delicious pie or cookies. Here are some other ideas to keep you warm and full of good feelings in the upcoming months.

Keep the Wood Stocked for Your Fireplace

A surefire way of keeping cozy is to sit by the fireplace with a warm beverage and zen out. Where else is a better place to practice meditation than in front of the fireplace? Watching the flames in the fireplace surrounds Milwaukee is a relaxing way to unwind for the night.

Thrift Secondhand Sweaters

Help the earth more during these cooler months by shopping secondhand. Thrifting is an easy way to save money, experience the value and joy in discovering hidden treasures that someone else also loved, and to help reduce the waste on this planet. Comfortable sweaters can be found at almost every thrift store and it’s an affordable way to garner a nice collection.

Schedule Video Call Dates With Loved Ones

As the pandemic shows no sign of slowing down, this fall will still most likely be spent indoors and away from others. Add in more face-to-face time with friends and family. Make a cup of hot cocoa or tea and settle in for the night while watching a movie together over the phone.

Pick Up a New Hobby

When else is a better time than now to learn something new? Try out that hobby you’ve always wanted to, like baking, coding, an instrument, or drawing. Stimulating your brain is sure to keep it warm.

There are many ways to choose to spend your time, but as the days start getting colder and more time will inevitably be spent indoors, maybe this list sparked some cozy ideas.