Review of XT2 SLX50

A lawn and garden tractor is an all-in-one tool to help make your work outside of the home easier. Whether your home sits on several acres of land or a small patch, a lawn and garden tractor can be a great addition to any garage repertoire. With the various attachments, you can add to your tractor, many daunting and tedious tasks become a cinch. Attachments are added to the front or back end and never rent expensive equipment again. The question that remains is which one to get? Here is a clear and concise review of the XT2 SLX50 riding tractor offered at

The XT2 SLX50 is part of the XT2 Enduro series; the strongest and most reliable ever offered through the company. Cub Cadet is the only manufacturer to offer expert customer support 7 days a week. This tractor comes with a 3-year limited warranty on the entire tractor and power train, 5-year frame and front axle warranty, and a limited lifetime fabricated deck shell warranty. All the benefits you get when purchasing an XT2 Enduro series make it hard to say no. All you have to do is register the tractor with Cub Cadet. The highest level of comfort, versatility, and strength have been applied to this amazing series.

Taking a closer look, starting at the front end, the tubular steel bumper provides protection against impact. The energy-efficient LED bright white lights to make it easy to see jobs any time of day or night. The seat is high back and aligned with the frame of the tractor to ensure comfort for the operator. Larger springs under the seat help to absorb the shock of bumps and rough terrain. There are two storage compartments in this tractor where you can conveniently store water, sunglasses, or anything else you may need on the job. Add on the sunshade for protection from high heats or the fitted snowcap to stay warmer in the cold. There is even a cruise control button to make your Cub Cadet riding lawn mower experience even more effortless.

The XT2 SLX50 uses a 50″ fabricated triple blade deck that offers a wider mowing path, ultimately making the job faster and more efficient. With the 679cc EFI Cub Cadet V-twin OHV engine, there are increased efficiency and maintenance benefits. This tractor can get up to 5.5 mph going forward and 3.1 mph in reverse. The steering system is secured with a rugged articulating front cast iron bar that is meant to last a lifetime. The axles connected to this bar can be greased and are designed to prevent axle on axle movement. This model also comes with ball bearings that can be greased to help ensure the ride is smooth. This model comes with a discharge chute and the option to add a mulch kit and bagger. This design and attachments can help to achieve a professional look all with one key tool; your new tractor.

The XT2 SLX50 was redesigned to outdo previous models and deliver a more optimal experience. The stamp deck was engineered with stronger pulleys and heat resistant compounds. The ball bearing cutting deck spindles are maintenance-free in that they are triple-sealed and capped to prevent water and debris from getting in. This model is made to last through the years and ensure you get professional results every time.