Solar Energy Efficiency: The Benefits of Switching to Renewable Sources

Renewable energy sources, such as solar energy and wind power, are much better for our planet’s future health than traditional, high-carbon fuels. The sun gives us the most plentiful supply of clean energy in the world, but windmills can harness this powerful source of renewable power at the same time as it pumps our ocean waters, allowing water to flow freely over its many beds. The sun can soak up enormous amounts of heat from the ocean and use that heat to produce electricity, while windmills use that sun and wind power in their sails to create a steady stream of electricity for homes, offices, and farms.

Windmills aren’t the only renewable energy source that can effectively and environmentally generate electricity in dry and windy areas across the nation. Geographically located on a grid, these wind turbines can use the power of the wind to generate electricity with the same efficiency as traditional power generators. The windmills available to consumers in San Diego County are designed to be both efficient and beautiful, while still providing enough energy for local communities to rely upon. Windmills can be mounted on flat ground or placed on a small tower, which increases the amount of wind-generated by the turbine and allows for greater distances covered.

Another type of green energy source that is increasingly popular among consumers in San Diego and throughout the nation is clean, natural gas. This source emits less carbon than coal or oil while providing energy efficiency comparable to solar panels. Even though natural gas is a bit more expensive than alternative fuels, many homeowners and businesses continue to purchase and burn this source instead of electricity providers. With the cost of natural gas rising, the need for more reliable power has increased tremendously. Instead of dealing with a fluctuating and unpredictable supply, homeowners and businesses are turning to one steady source of power. Natural gas can also be delivered to millions of locations using pipes and pipelines, making it much more accessible.

Although this renewable energy source is cost-effective, some question its efficacy when it comes to warming the planet. While it is true that burning fossil fuels like coal and oil releases carbon dioxide, it is this very same Carbon dioxide that contributes to the accelerating buildup of greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide. Although most people will not feel the full impact of our greenhouse gas levels, studies show that burning fossil fuels like oil releases far more carbon dioxide than the burning of natural gas. It is believed that solar panels will not have a significant impact on global warming until much later, about two to three centuries into the future. By then, the effects of climate change will already be fully felt by humans living in the area. As a result, it may be too late to make the drastic changes required to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Although the research is still ongoing, it is apparent that there are many benefits that come from using renewable sources of energy. One of the main benefits is that solar panels do not produce any pollution. This clean energy comes from natural sources, meaning that it does not add to the growing number of pollutants being emitted by other industries. In addition to this, burning fossil fuels like coal and oil releases a great deal of carbon dioxide. It is estimated that the burning of fossil fuel has accounted for approximately 25% of the Earth’s warming due to greenhouse gas emissions. Using a renewable energy industry as a replacement for fossil fuel use could help reverse some of the damage that has been done to the environment.

Although the research is ongoing, many are starting to use alternative forms of energy use to save money and to help the environment. Many people are also starting to recognize the benefits of renewable energy use. As more people become aware of the importance of clean energy sources, the demand for renewable sources of energy is increasing. The popularity of wind and solar energy has increased dramatically in recent years. Windmills are being used to pump water and solar panels are powering houses all over the world. As research continues on renewable sources of energy, we will continue to see new, innovative, clean, efficient and environmentally friendly technologies come into production.

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