Upgrades for Your Home’s Exteriors

When you get ready to sell your home, the way it looks on the outside is the first impression that potential buyers notice. If it looks shabby or unkempt, they may take one look and keep driving. There are several changes you can make to significantly increase your home’s curb appeal.


A fence is a great way to mark the line between your property and your neighbor’s domain. It can also serve to keep children and pets safe as they play in the yard. Beyond its practical uses, a new wooden fence Lake County IL, can also attract buyers who want an outdoor space that is already enclosed and ready to use.

Power Washing

One of the most basic changes you can make is to ensure the exterior of your home is clean. Power washing is a fast, efficient way to knock excess grime off sidewalks, decks, porches and siding. As soon as you post your listing, hire professionals to make the outside of your home look pristine.

Foundation Repair

A big turn-off to potential buyers is any sign of foundation damage. If you see cracks in your walls or along the base of your home outside, call for repair as soon as you can. Fixing such a major problem can boost the list price of your home or allow you to get closer to your asking price.


You don’t have to spend a lot of money to make your lawn and trees look nice. Simply mowing frequently and completing the look with an edger can tidy up your yard. Pruning trees not only keeps broken branches from littering the yard but also can keep excess debris out of your gutters.

A great way to raise the resale value on your home is to upgrade its exteriors. Even simple changes like a new fence or a colorful flower bed can grab the attention of potential buyers.