Why You Should Get Your Carpet Cleaned Regularly

There are several reasons why you should get your carpet cleaned on a regular basis. Carpets in our home whether you have them throughout your whole house or just in one room take a lot of abuse. They are walked on, crawled on if you have small children and played on. You and your whole family are constantly tracking in dirt and dust that get embedded in the carpet. If you have pets, fleas and ticks can live on the carpet.

Most people do clean their houses at least once a week. At this time the carpets do get vacuumed which removes some of the dirt that is in there. However, vacuuming alone will not thoroughly clean the carpet. There are appliances on the market there that say they clean your carpet. However, if you want your carpet really cleaned, having it done professionally with carpet cleaning saratoga springs is a good idea.

A professional carpet cleaner can really get the carpet cleaned. They can remove everything from the carpet fibers and get the carpet looking like new. If you have carpet in your home, a nice, clean looking carpet is essential.

It is especially important if you have small children or infants in your home. This is also true if you have pets as well. Pets not only bring in the dirt, but they also have fleas and ticks that live in their fur. Most of the time pets usually get fleas and ticks when they are outside. They then bring them into the house. The fleas and ticks fall or jump off the pet and land on the carpet. These fleas and ticks then make the carpet their new home. They live and breed on the carpet. A few ticks and fleas in your carpet can turn into thousands in a short time. Infants spend a lot of time on the carpeted floor. This is especially true when they are learning to crawl or even walk. If there are fleas and ticks in the carpet when the infant is crawling on the floor these fleas and ticks will then bite the infant. Fleas and ticks can carry diseases that they will then pass on to the infant. An infant does not have a lot of immunizations and can get sick very easily from being bitten by these fleas and ticks.

Children also spend a lot of time on the floor playing with their toys. This is especially true for young children. If your carpet is infested with ticks and fleas that child will get bitten by them causing illness and itchy skin.

The carpet also traps dust in its fibers. As a result of the dust being caught in the fibers, this makes the air quality not as good. Nobody wants to breathe in dust especially as the dust will build up in the carpet over time.

If a carpet hasn’t been cleaned for a long time it will start to look dingy, taking away from the beauty of the home. Since we do live in the home a carpet will also have spills on it. It is hard to clean up a spill yourself on a carpet. Most of the time we do not get the stain completely out. A professional carpet cleaner knows what he or she is doing. They are able to get your carpet really clean eliminating the dust that has built up in there, the fleas and ticks as well as any spills that might have occurred. When you do a professional cleaning job on your carpet you have a healthier home, as well as a carpet that is not only functional but pleasant to look at.