Amazing Trash To Treasure Crafts

No one will lose an opportunity to derive something out of the waste. There is a saying that “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure”. But don’t leave your trash to others, instead explore ways to unveil the hidden treasure. All it needs is an idea on how to start. Through this article, I am going to share a few ideas that can bring a new life to the old things.Convert Old Cans into Kitchen ContainersMany of us leave the empty Paint cans or Oil cans in the back yard. But we can use them for many purposes. Convert them into a Kitchen container by treating them with necessary chemicals which detoxify them. Decorate them with a textured paint and use them to place cutlery and the kitchen related stuff.Make Planters from empty Water and Wine bottlesAs there is a surge in the vertical farming and roof farming activities, make use of the empty bottles to grow plants. Fill them with a fertile soil and suspend them from the roof of the wall. They can act as good plant holders.Use Old Condiment jars as Toiletry HoldersIf you are bored with the existing Condiment jars, then shift them to bathrooms. Before that clean them with water and air out. Plastic Jars can be used as brush stands.Old Trousers as Wall Storage UnitsThis one is the most personalized craft. Use an old trouser to create a wall storage unit. Take scissors and shape the trouser into a wall hanger unit where one can store items in pockets of trousers. Nail them to the wall so that it can appear as a wall storage unit.Tire CraftsIf you don’t find a way to dispose of your car tires, then reuse them but for a different purpose. Feeling Curious!A Coffee Table can be carved out of old tires. There are many ways to create a coffee table using tires. Here I am going with the simple one.Step 1- Paint the exposed parts of tires in contrasting colors and allow them to dry.Step 2- Arrange them vertically in such a way that should hold a plank. Fix the plank by driving screws into the tire.You can even make a seating option using tires.Use Old ShoesDon’t throw away old shoes, instead use them as planters. Colorful flowers can be grown in the colorful Shoe planters. Drill the sole of the shoe to provide the drainage. Apply Acrylic sealer to shoes to protect them from the environmental degradation.Transform the Old TV StandCarve out a Kitchen Cart from an old TV stand, by following these steps.

Check the TV stand for any damages. Repair the worn parts.

If it is a wooden stand, then paint it with a heat-resistant material.

Fix wheels to the legs of the stand and check its functionality.

The main advantage of this type of Kitchen Carts is they can carry a good amount of weight than the ready-made Kitchen Serving Carts. Nothing goes to waste if we are smart. Make use of older materials to their full extent before disposing of them in the environment. It not only saves money but also contributes to the well-being of Earth.