Five Ways to Repurpose Parts From Used Cars

If you’ve got parts from used cars and are the type of person to get lost for hours in enjoyable DIY projects, then you might already have the roots of your next adventure. Sometimes selling parts individually can be a hassle. Oftentimes, repurposing parts only requires tools you already have and a bit of time. Let’s take a leaf out of the pages of a few crafters around the world who are turning these parts into something new by finding all kinds of ways to repurpose their car parts.1. Sleep in itAt V8 Hotel, located in the Stuttgart region of Germany, you will find yourself immersed in objects created from and resembling all of the used cars that you’re familiar with. Sleep in single or double rooms with beds made from iconic and classic cars that even the most casual car enthusiast will enjoy. Whether you’ve got the body, frame, or fender at your disposal, this can be a charming way to repurpose it – or maybe you’d rather hitch a plane to Germany to see for yourself!2. Grow in itWhether you’ve got the tires, the fenders, or the bodies of used cars, all of these parts can be easily repurposed into a planter by hollowing out the shell and filling it with soil. If you’ve got a green thumb, you can have a bed of flowers, hedges, or even edible vegetables before you know it, all made out of car parts. Even if you’ve just got the tires, they can easily be filled with soil for a rustic and earthy addition to your garden.3. Play at itParts from used cars? A game of pool? Sounds like the perfect combination for an addition to the ultimate man cave. Try hollowing out the frame of the car and installing a pool table in the center of it for a merging of two worlds that will blow any car enthusiast out of the water.4. Work at itFor those that want to be immersed in their parts from used cars at work and at play, even just using the fender of the car can bring necessary life and vitality to your home workspace. Whether you’re watching TV at your desk or crunching numbers, sitting at the base of your favorite classic car fender will make you feel lively no matter what work you’re doing.5. Accessorize with itSome parts from used cars are easier to repurpose than others, so you may find yourself with leftover scraps you’re not sure what to do with like license plates and tires. Old tires may seem easiest to just throw out, but they can be filled with soil or cement to create rustic-looking stepping stones to lead up to your doorstep. License plates can be easily converted into tin handbags or even lunchboxes – and the great thing about them is that they’ll provide a truly one-of-a-kind accessory, since there are no duplicate license plates.