Maintain Your Oil Tank With These Essential Tasks

Keeping your home warm with an oil tank throughout the winter requires necessary maintenance tasks to prevent any problems from occurring that could leave your family without heat. Regular upkeep means you’ll have warmth when you need it without having to pay for expensive repair bills. Here are some of the crucial tasks you need to complete to ensure your oil tank is in excellent working order.

Inspect the Support and Tank

If your tank is located aboveground, it’s important to look for any rusting or other damage on the support legs and the outer tank walls. A properly installed tank should be sitting on a concrete slab to ensure it stays level and free from sitting water. Inspect the tank regularly for cracks, dents and other signs of settling. Oil tank removal Westchester County NY might be a necessary option for a tank that is damaged beyond repair.

Keep It Clean

A buildup of sludge and old water can occur inside an oil tank when it isn’t cleaned out. You’ll want to thoroughly clean the interior of your tank for the best results. This only needs to be done every five years, but it’s an important part of preventing costly damage from occurring.

Check For Leaks

When the tank is located aboveground, it can be susceptible to damage that can cause leaks. To prevent this from happening, check the lines, fittings, valves and other components on your tank where leaks can easily start. If you catch a leak early, it can be an easy thing to fix on your own.

Look For Water Contamination

Water sinks to the bottom of oil tanks, which means it can be hard to notice until you start having issues. Make sure to keep all caps, seals and lids closed tightly to ensure rain and snow won’t enter the tank.

Taking these steps to maintain your oil tank can add years to its lifespan and help you avoid the hassle and expense of repairs.