Steam Cleaning Your Mattress: Do’s And Don’ts  

Because your mattress is tucked underneath a neatly draped sheet blanket, you rarely mull over about the quality and state of your mattress, right? But since we spend almost half of our lives it’s time to do some serious thinking right now.

What follows is a simple list on what you should and shouldn’t do for your mattress to let it live longer than it can.

Do: Hire a Professional

Cleaning a mattress sure is a laborious and time-consuming task. Sometimes there can be chances of missing out on a particular step if you do it by yourself. So the safest option would be to hire the experts who can do it with better results because of the skills and proper equipment they have.  Moreover, a professional service company only hires employees who are well experienced with mattress steam cleaning services in a way to get it done in a smooth and efficient way.

Do: Use a Mattress Protector

For some people the mattress they purchase is a huge investment and protecting from moisture and allergens will be a priority. For this mattress protectors are a great idea and can be found at affordable prices. Just as they come in all sorts of varieties to choose from, they can preserve the health of your mattress life to provide the ultimate safety and the sleeping comfort you need.

Don’t: Wet it Often

Try to be a little responsible by consuming less to no beverages on the mattress. Stubborns stains produced by black coffee, colourful fizzy drinks and wine after spilling and to go back to a spotless state again are not so easy. At times you can have a huge lasting scar smack in the middle of the mattress that isn’t going to be impressive when you have guests moving into your room.

Don’t: Jump on the Mattress

Whether young or old, let’s admit it. Jumping on the bed with our siblings in pajamas are some good memories we don’t want to forget. But then mother walks into the room and says, ‘stop!’ in a firm voice. The next second all the fun has come to a sudden halt. Because guess what, she’s right. Constant jumping is an absolute no-no. It may be a lot of fun, but can affect the functionality of the bed and the mattress. Most mattresses consist of foam, air, spring or even water. When you keep jumping on repeat there is a chance for leaks to occur also shrinkage leading to poor quality and performance of the mattress. The problem is exposed when you go to sleep and your spine doesn’t align according to the mattress angle.