How To Make Your Garage the Coolest in the Neighborhood

Your garage is a large part of your home so it should look great as well as be functional. If the door is old enough to be boring yet too new to replace, there are still ways to improve it. Here are several tips to make your garage the coolest in the neighborhood.

Paint It a New Color

Giving your garage a facelift is as easy as painting it a new color. Older wooden garage doors are easily taken from unsightly peeling to a trendy new color in a few short hours. When giving your garage that new pop of color, make sure it coordinates with the rest of the house.

Get High-Tech Accessories

Did you know there are high-tech garage door accessories you can install that allow you to open your door when you’re not at home? You can also keep a log of who opens it and when. A battery backup is another good idea so you never have to worry about power outages again.

Add Faux Hardware and Windows

One of the most interesting ways to make your garage look cool is with the addition of magnetic hardware. In a matter of minutes, you can add fancy magnetic hinges and faux window panels. Magnets work best on steel, but are available in adhesive, too.

Install a Magnetic Screen

If you like using your garage for more than just parking your car, a magnetic screen door is an amazing add-on. Magnetic screens attach to the top of your door and cover the entrance with lightweight mesh. This is perfect for keeping bugs out and letting fresh air and light in.

Updating your garage improves your home’s appearance and efficiency in just a short time. With a new coat of paint and a little high-tech, your garage will be the best on the block.