A Guide to Modern Garage Exterior Lighting

Only a few homeowners pay attention to their home’s exterior design during home improvement. While most renovations are usually focused on the interior décor of your home, adding a few touches to a home’s exterior design can increase its overall resale value.

Apart from adding a fresh layer of paint on your walls, you can do something about your outdoor lighting. You may not know it, but exterior lighting can add lots of value to your home. Therefore, as you remodel your house, don’t forget to include some flashy garage exterior lighting. It pays in the long run.

Here are useful tips on how to achieve appropriate outdoor lighting for your home.

Keep Security In Mind

Garage exterior lighting isn’t just for making the home look more attractive. Usually, the main reason why people install outdoor light fixtures is to keep their homes secure. Therefore, as you choose outdoor lighting for your home’s landscape, consider lighting options that can keep the exterior of your home well-lit for security purposes.

Take A Look At Your Landscape From Inside 

Even before selecting the outdoor lighting for your home, you need to have a rough idea of where to place every lighting fixture to achieve the best lighting pattern. The best way to do this is to see how your patio spaces, pathways, and, gardens look like from inside. From here, you can decide on the best lighting to choose for your home and how to place it around your home to achieve an attractive arrangement.

Use LED Lights

While halogen and incandescent bulbs look great, sometimes it’s just good to forego the beauty and get something that’s less costly and easier to maintain. Instead of buying these bulbs, go for LED tubes or bulbs. Compared to other options, LEDs have a longer lifespan and use much less energy. Again, they need minimal maintenance, so you won’t have to change the bulbs frequently.

Incorporate The Basic Types Of Lighting

When installing outdoor lighting for your home, make sure you include the three basic types of lighting; ambient, task, and accent. A combination of these three can help you achieve the best external lighting for your home. So, how do you achieve these three types of lighting? Ambient lighting can be achieved by post lights, wall lights, or hanging lights, whereas task lighting includes pathway lights and security lights. Accent lighting can be achieved through landscape or garden lights.

Lighting With Motion Sensors

When installing outdoor lighting for your home, consider getting a lighting system that includes motion sensors. This helps in controlling when the lights are turned on and off. Again, when an intruder walks into the compound, the lights will automatically switch on to illuminate the dark areas. Therefore, such lighting systems play a role in keeping the home secure. You can best achieve this through floodlighting which is purposely for security.

If you’re planning to renovate your home, don’t forget to improve your outdoor lighting. It’s as important as sleeping area remodeling.