Ideas to for Sustainability at Home

The worsening climate crisis has a lot of people thinking about what they can do in their home life to live more sustainably. Saving energy will enable you to reduce your carbon footprint and take action to protect the planet. Here are a few ways that you can help do your part.

Get Preventative Service for Your HVAC

An HVAC unit that doesn’t receive regular cleaning and calibration is probably not going to operate efficiently. When a system goes without preventative maintenance for an extended period of time, it will become more difficult for air to pass through. Call a professional HVAC company to clean your air handler so your system will be free of obstructions.

Use Ceiling Fans

Over reliance on your HVAC system to cool the air in your home can result in energy waste. Energy efficient ceiling fans will use less power than your air conditioner. Also, you may like opening the windows to let in some fresh air while a fan circulates it.

Upgrade Your Water Heater

Replace your old water heater with a newer and more energy efficient model. In addition to saving energy, a replacement unit may function better. If you need help with water heater installation San Ramon CA, reach out to a service provider that can recommend an energy efficient model that will meet all of your home’s hot water needs.

Switch to LED Lights

LED lighting will use a lot less electricity than incandescent and halogen lighting. You won’t necessarily need to get all new fixtures. Most newer fixtures can accommodate LED light bulbs. They last longer than older bulbs. In addition to using less electricity, you’ll create less waste because you’ll replace bulbs less frequently.

When you make an effort to live more sustainably, you can be proud that you’re trying to be part of the solution. Collectively, everyone’s efforts can make a difference.