Are Plastic Bags Suitable For Recycling? Everything You Need To Know In Order To Properly Dispose Of Plastic Bags

Plastic bags do a lot of heavy lifting in our world, from the grocery bags that bring food to our tables to the heavy-duty bags that clean up construction debris. This is because plastic bags are extremely versatile. However, despite the fact that plastic bags make our lives easier, it is also true that they are a significant contributor to the accumulation of waste made of plastic. Therefore, if you could find a final home for your plastic bags that is more sustainable than a landfill — without having to give up the convenience of plastic — don’t you think it would be fantastic?

Are Plastic Bags Suitable For Recycling?

Recycling the vast majority of plastic bags requires only a modest amount of additional labor. It is common knowledge that the municipal single-stream recycling services, which are responsible for collecting your bin from the curbside, are unable to recycle these items. However, just because they do not fit in the recycling bin in the same way that many other materials, such as wood and Styrofoam, do not mean that they are not recyclable in any way!

Plastic bags are an expensive and time-consuming problem for single-stream recycling centers no matter how you cut it. This also means that you shouldn’t use a bag when you’re putting your recyclables in the bin, as this is typically discouraged. It’s a good idea to use recycling bags to line your bin and keep it clean, but you shouldn’t bag actual bottles and cans in them. Recycling bags are best used for lining your bin.

Where Can You Recycle Plastic Bags And How Do You Do It?

To our great relief, some facilities do indeed possess the specialized equipment essential for the processing of plastic films. These facilities then resell the bags to plastics manufacturers, who use them to create recycled plastic products, ranging from recycled trash bags to plastic lumber to recycled patio furniture. Other examples of recycled plastic products include recycled trash bags.

Using a recycling search service to find a location that recycles plastic bags is the quickest and most convenient way to locate one of these locations. Simply enter your address, and a list of locations where you can drop off recycled plastic film will appear near you. These kinds of drop-off points can most frequently be found in supermarkets and other large retail establishments. The bag deposit bin is typically located near the entrance of the store, making it convenient for customers to leave their bags there and continue on with their day.

Examine each of your bags carefully before bringing them in to be recycled so that you can reduce the risk of contamination. For recycling centers to be able to process plastic bags as efficiently as they do other recyclables, they need to be void of any contents, clean, and dry. Before recycling bags, give them a good shake to remove any loose debris, and hang wet bags to dry.

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