Clever Laundry Room Ideas 2020

The laundry room is usually one of the most overlooked areas in a house in terms of renovations. Individuals will rarely bring their guests to the laundry and usually the layout is in a small room which is not intended to host people for long periods of time.

However, there can be many benefits from having a clever decoration and layout management in a laundry room that can optimize your daily chores and make your home more attractive in case you are going to sell it.

This can be as simple as adding storage below your laundry trough or replacing your laundry sink taps. Here are a few clever ideas of what you can do to your laundry room to make it better:

Storage ideas

If you pay close attention, there are many empty spaces in a laundry room that can be smartly used. For example, you can add cheap plywood shelves close to the ceiling to store unused or hazardous items, such as drain cleaners, bleach, old paint cans and tiles samples.

Another great place to add storage is under your laundry trough and above the washing machine (if you have enough room). This provides easy access to your most used cleaning and washing items, like rags, detergent and sponges. Also, behind your door there’s usually enough room for a compact broom rack that will stay hidden.


In the age of quick and cheap international online shopping and 3d printing services, there are countless tools, gadgets, contraptions and devices you can add to your laundry room that will make your life better. For example, you can find a cheap laundry detergent dispenser adapter online, laundry trough hooks that contain room for soap and sponges, multi towel racks and even nozzles of different shapes to add to your laundry sink!

A multi drying rack is another great device which can be used to dry delicate clothing, underwear and swimsuits if you are lacking free floor space. You can wash and properly dry many different types of fabric without worrying that it will take up the precious floor space you usually don’t have inside a laundry room.

Another interesting gadget is a cardboard or plastic shirt folder sheet, which you can be easily found online. With this, you will be able to quickly and uniformly fold all your shirts to look organized and compact.

Layout Improvement

Laundry rooms, especially those ones designed in the past decades, can have non-practical layouts for today’s use, with big modern washing and drying machines. Therefore, a complete makeover is advised in some cases to move a laundry sink and its plumbing to somewhere with easier access. This can in turn, generate more space within the room.

Still, even if you are not planning on doing a full remodeling of your laundry room, there are some other options to improve the furniture arrangement without having to take everything apart. For example, an indoor ceiling mounted clothesline can be adjusted to fit any laundry room size. Whereas the classic retractable ironing board can be stored in the slimmest of cabinets or empty spaces as well. With so many ideas for the laundry be sure to check out various dealers to ensure the perfect laundry can be created.