Commuting to Center City Philadephia

So, you just got a job in Center City Philadelphia and now you have to find a place to live. You probably don’t want to buy a house right away as you need to get the lay of the land. Unless you have friends already living in or around Philly with whom you can crash, you’ll probably find renting an apartment as your best option. But where to rent?

Center of the City, Center of the Action

New York isn’t the only 24-hour city on the East Coast. Philadelphia has an active night-life scene as well. If you’re planning to both work and play hard, living in Center City may make the most sense to you. You’ll be close to both with a minimal distance you can cover by Septa bus, Uber/Lyft/taxi or even walking. Budget wisely, though. Studio apartments in Center City start upwards of $1,300 a month. And if you’re keeping your car, monthly overnight parking can add to that significantly if it’s not covered in your rent.

Close Counts in Horseshoes, Hand Grenades and Housing

Living outside Center City may appeal to you if you need a little more space or more peace and quiet. Places like Manayunk, University City and Port Richmond are outside of Center City but still close enough to be served by both the major highways into the city and Septa. For the price of something smaller in Center City, you can easily find three bedroom apartments in Manayunk or one of the other nearby areas. You’ll also easily find both services and nightlife in these neighborhoods.

There’s Always Jersey

New Jersey is separated from Pennsylvania by the Delaware River. So, if you choose to live in less-expensive South Jersey, be sure to note your proximity to one of the bridges that connect the two states. Bridge tolls are one-way; you have to pay to get out of Jersey. One of the perks of living in South Jersey is the availability of choices. You can go urban somewhere like Cherry Hill or you can go completely rural in Gloucester or Salem County.

No matter what your needs are, there’s an option that will work for you. A benefit that many locals enjoy is that choosing one place to live doesn’t exclude you from the activities available everywhere.