How To Revamp Your Home

Over time, your home may begin to look outdated or feel dull. Freshen up one room at a time using these helpful tips to revamp the look and feel of your home.


The lighting of a room dramatically affects the mood and feel of your home. If a room does not already have windows, consider installing skylights and accent windows to allow for natural light and added warmth. Always open your curtains and keep your windows clean. When the sun sets, set up ambient lights around the room using lamps or decorative wall sconces. Switch your light bulbs to LED lights that are both energy and cost-efficient. Use a dimmer switch that allows you to control the intensity of the lights and save even more electricity. With proper lighting, you will completely transform the look and feel of a room.


Without decorations, your room will feely empty and sparse. Decorations are what make a room truly yours. Hang pictures on the wall or reframe existing pictures. If you don’t have pictures to display, invest in a beautiful piece of art to display. Draw attention to the center of the room with a bright and colorful rug. Add matching throw pillows to your seating arrangements to tie it all together. Add greenery with low-maintenance indoor plants. Having plants in your home will not only freshen up the look of a room but can also help eliminate harmful toxins from the air and benefit your health. Be sure the types of plants you choose to get are non-toxic for pets if you have dogs or cats.


A cluttered room can feel dark, uncomfortable, and uninviting. Declutter your home and get rid of anything you no longer need. As you sort through your belongings, make a pile for what you can keep, what can be donated, and what must be disposed of. Once you’ve decluttered you can organize and clean. Give your home a deep clean that goes beyond tidying up. Have your carpets professionally cleaned and wash down the walls of the room. After a thorough cleaning, the place will look brand new. For a more dramatic transformation, repaint an entire room. A new coat of paint can give your room a more vibrant, updated appearance. Repair anything that might be damaged or broken. Sometimes all you may need is a little glue or a fresh coat of paint to fix something.

Revamp your entire home using these ideas made to brighten and refresh every room.