Planning Your Remodel

One in three remodels go over budget and another third started with no established budget at all. The key to a less stressful and on budget remodel is all in the planning.

Create a Timeline 

The planning phase of your residential remodeling Spokane WA, or wherever you live, should take at least a month. You’ll need to hire your primary contractor, design the remodel and apply for all the appropriate permits. In some jurisdictions, a permit takes up to six weeks to issue, and they may charge you a percentage of the project cost. Don’t skip this step or you may find your home unsellable down the road or you could be fined or have to remove the changes.

Create a Budget

When you’re planning your active work timeline, estimate about two weeks of work for every $10,000 you spend. To figure out how much you’ll be spending start a spreadsheet of your wishlist items. Figure out the average cost for what you want to happen. Don’t forget to estimate items like drywall, lumber and paint, not just cabinets and accessories. To your material total, add 40 percent on top for the cost of labor, then add another 20 percent contingency in case your remodel reveals underlying problems or material prices change. You are better off asking for more money on a loan than not enough.

See What You Can DIY

If you’re looking to trim your budget, see what projects you can DIY. The demolition is often something you can handle yourself. With a roll-off, some safety equipment and a sledgehammer, you’ll save money and take out any pent-up aggression. Some projects are best left to professionals, so assess your skills and see what you can pick up on YouTube, but don’t do more than you can honestly handle.

Once you’ve taken these first three steps you can implement your plan and be ready for disruption, but it’s a disruption you control.