Innovative Ways to Display Online Photo Framing Results in Your Home

How many family photos do you have stuck on your phone or in your computer? It might be time to get some online photo framing done so you can print the best photos out and display them. You never look back far enough on your phone or dig through your computer to see the best shots, but the walls of your home are there all the time, waiting for decoration.

To create ambiance in your room, you need to blend the right colors and textures, and that includes any pictures or artwork you include, as well as their online photo framing items. Here are some ideas on how to create frames that stand out, and fit in, all at once.

Make Wooden Frames Yourself

If you want to have a country or natural look in your home, wooden frames are ideal. Create your own wooden frame with some old boards, distressed panels, or barn wood. Paint or stain it any color you want or go with a distressed look. Larger, chunky frames bring an element of a story into the space. Or, find photo framing online with wooden options.

Wallpaper/Map Frames

While you may not want to risk wallpapering a room in your house, if there’s a pattern you enjoy, get a frame and attach pieces of wallpaper with glue, rubber cement, or Mod Podge. This works well with maps as well. You could get a map from your recent vacation and use it to decorate it with online photo framing and the pictures from that trip.

Go Laundry Style

Placing pictures on the wall can be as simple as stringing some yarn across boards and using clothespins to hang various shots. This is a simple way to show current shots and change them out frequently as your children grow and your family changes. Photo framing service online options can show you other simple, creative ways to go.

Use Games

Does your family love game night? Use Scrabble tiles around the picture frame to spell out certain words. Don’t be afraid to glue things to the frame, like those Monopoly pieces you adore. Customize the personalized picture frames and really make them your own.

There are endless photos on your computer and endless options for online photo framing services. Get creative and try a few things you think might suit your style, your home, and the picture you want to display. Use inexpensive materials and you can easily try until you get something that makes your room, and your photos, shine brightly in unique ways.