Why is Insulation Extraction Important?

Insulation helps protect your home from the outside elements. It helps keep your house comfortable and your energy bills manageable. You rarely see your insulation, but that does not mean you should not consider replacing it. Insulation gets damaged as a result of storms, leaks, and infestations. When your insulation is damaged, it is essential to remove it and remove it safely.

If your insulation has been subject to a leak or even condensation from your air conditioner, it can grow mold. Insulation can hold onto the moisture for a long time, and this is the perfect environment for mold spores to grow. This reduces the effectiveness of your insulation as well as opens your home up to mold proliferation. This can be dangerous to your family. In addition, if there has been an infestation of squirrels or other animals in your attic, they can leave droppings and urine behind. This is toxic and must be removed immediately. For all of these reasons, insulation extraction must happen effectively and regularly. It should also be removed when you see signs of degradation in the insulation. A professional can safely remove the old and damaged insulation to replace it with new and safe insulation.