3 Great Upgrades for Backyard Family Fun

Wondering how you can give your family more ways to bond and build stronger relationships? Give your backyard a complete makeover to create a family-friendly spot to spend quality time together. Here are three outdoor upgrades that turn an average backyard into an exciting space for fun and activity.

  1. Add a Swimming Pool

When it comes to adding excitement to an outdoor living space, there’s nothing quite like a private, luxurious swimming pool. Pittsburgh pool installers assist you in creating the swimming pool that your family has always wanted. Upgrade to a poured concrete pool so that you can customize the design to perfectly fit the area you have available in your backyard. As an added bonus, you’ll be able to incorporate interesting features like a waterfall or even an adjoining spa.

  1. Create an Obstacle Course

Obstacle courses give kids and adults a fun challenge that can constantly be reconfigured to provide variety. Use items from your local hardware store to create classic obstacles like a balance beam, rope swing or climbing wall. Since safety is always a priority, spread a generous layer of loose fill like rubber or wood mulch to provide a soft cushion below the obstacles.

  1. Improve the Lawn

Something as simple as a lush, green lawn inspires adults and kids alike to head outside for backyard games and fun. You want your backyard to have grass that not only looks great, but also feels great underfoot. If you have patchy spots of grass, or even if your yard is entirely barren, it’s a good idea to install fresh sod. It only takes about two weeks to take root, giving you a healthy lawn in a hurry.

The best family memories aren’t made behind screens. Complete the upgrades on this list and enjoy quality family time in the comfort of your own backyard.