3 Important Things To Do Before Putting Your Home on the Market

If the housing market is hot, it can be tempting to put your home on the market to test the waters. If you are considering selling your home, here are some must-do tasks that should be tackled before the “for sale” sign goes in your yard.

Decide Where To Live

This may seem obvious, but many people sell their homes without having another one purchased or a rental lined up. Before you put your home on the market, you should have a gameplan, particularly if you have pets or children (or if anyone at all is moving with you). If you don’t want to pack numerous times, consider furnished short term rentals so your furniture and other large items can stay in storage or staged in your home.

Enhance Curb Appeal

If your front yard and entryway leave something to be desired, now is the time to make the effort to enhance your curb appeal. People are less likely to want to tour a home that looks uninviting and poorly taken care of, so do what you can to make your house look its best for passersby. Plant flowers, powerwash dirty siding, and even repave your driveway if it looks like it is in need of some love.

Depersonalize the Home

Remove items from the home that make it “yours”. Potential buyers want to be able to picture themselves living in the home, and seeing photos and personal decorations throughout the house makes this challenging to do. Feel free to leave some decor up so the house does not look empty and bare, but remove anything that is specific to your family or bold and distracting.

Selling your home can be exciting but also challenging if you rush into it. Use these tips to guide you toward a successful sale.