4 Fantastic Pond Creatures

One of the best parts about having a pond is deciding what should live in it. Not all aquatic creatures can live together harmoniously, so it is a good idea to do research before bringing anything home.

  1. Koi

An incredibly popular fish to keep in a pond is koi. Some varieties can grow up to three feet long. The pond should be large so that they have enough space to live and grow in. Aeration systems can be installed to keep the water clean and livable for them. Koi come in a variety of colors and patterns, making each of the fish in the pond stand out as a unique individual.

  1. Goldfish

There are many kinds of goldfish, and most of them do well outdoors, as they thrive in lower temperatures than most other types of fish. A common goldfish usually has a lovely uniform gold color and can grow to be anywhere from a few inches to a foot long depending on the variety. Fancy goldfish can look very exotic, with different colors, patterns, fin and tail lengths and head shapes.

  1. Turtles

Turtles require both land and water to live on. They love to swim around in the water, but also need surfaces to climb on to bask in the sun. They can be messy, so using a water filter to keep the pond clean is a good idea. Hiding places are also a necessity, as turtles need someplace to hide if they feel threatened or overwhelmed.

  1. Frogs

A pond that has still water is usually best for frogs, as well as plant life like water lilies to provide shade. Fish may be problematic, as large fish may try to eat frogs. A place to spend outside the water is ideal, as frogs like to sit on the shore in dark, damp areas.

Keeping a pond can be a rewarding activity that provides years of entertainment and enjoyment. Research the needs of any animal before purchasing it to ensure the habitat is appropriate and that multiple species will cohabitate well together.