4 Ways To Protect Your Home From the Rain

You expect the rains to fall, and they do that often in Washington. However, you never know if the next rainstorm will be gentle or become an unpredictable deluge. Protecting your home from intense runoffs and ground flooding are just a couple of the preventative measures homeowners like you can take to protect your home from the rain. Here are some other ideas.

  1. Roof

While many people quickly notice damage to their home’s siding or windows, the same homeowners may forget to look up at the roof. Before heavy rains can seep into your house, check for missing tiles, cracked ridges, and skewed slats. If your roof has valleys, remove any debris and check for possible damage.

  1. Gutters

With the constant rain around your home, you know how important gutters are for your building’s foundation. If a channel collects debris, water can run down the side of your home and damage its footing. The same is true if a gutter cracks or dislodges. If you notice any gutter problems, call a gutter repair Vancouver WA company for help.

  1. Foundation

Safeguarding your home’s foundation is essential during any type of rainstorm, but when heavy rain strikes, the pooling of unwanted water can become destructive in hours. Protect your home’s foundation by sloping your property down and away from the building. By adding a high ground of three or four inches close to your foundation, the water will naturally run away from the area and down to a lower spot on the property.

Rainstorms can be unpredictable, and even the lightest drizzle can become a raging torrent without any notice. Protecting your home using these three tips can save you from costly water damage repairs and give you peace of mind. Being proactive about those constant rainstorms is a good thing.