5 Essential Packing Supplies You Need for Your Move

Moving households can be a daunting task but using the right materials when packing up your belongings will ensure the process goes smoothly. Start shopping for the appropriate packing supplies Lodi before your move and remember these items to ensure your property’s safety.

Bubble Wrap

Wrapping your most delicate valuables with bubble wrap will ensure they arrive at your new home safely. Bubble wrap is lightweight, cost-effective and recyclable, making it an ideal choice to protect your belongings in transit.


Although boxes may seem like obvious moving supplies, the appropriate boxes are essential for safely transferring your belongings. For example, boxes divided into compartments are best for some of your delicate tableware sets and tall boxes with built-in hangers will make transferring your clothes effortless.

Tape and Labels

Tape is indispensable for securing your belongings inside boxes. Choosing paper tape will eliminate the need for a scissor and allow you to seal boxes quickly or easily patch them en route to your destination. You can also write the contents of boxes directly on paper tape, though separate labels may make your life easier when it is time to unpack.

Large-Scale Plastic Wrap

This essential supply resembles that which you use to wrap leftovers in your refrigerator, but it is much larger and self-sticking. It is useful for wrapping mattresses, bedding and oddly-shaped items you want to keep clean.

Box Cutters 

When it is time to start unpacking, box cutters are mandatory for accessing your belongings. It is necessary to follow proper safety measures when using and storing a box cutter to prevent injuring yourself or damaging delicate items.

Packing up your belongings for a household move can be time-consuming but unpacking damaged items can be frustrating. The appropriate packing supplies will ensure everything you own stays protected until you arrive at your new home.