A Bathroom Renovation Is a Smart Move for Homeowners

When putting a house on the market, homeowners often look to make improvements designed to pique the public’s interest in the available abode. While there are many projects that can boost home value, bathroom renovations rank among the best investments. It’s estimated that a bathroom remodel could recoup more than 60% of a homeowner’s upgrade investment. Some renovations are better than others, however, and may make your home look like something out of “The Jetsons.”

Get Smart

Smart technology is changing the way people live, and that extends even to the bathroom. Whether you are in the market for bathroom renovations West Berlin NJ or elsewhere in the country, adding internet-enabled appliances provides a big boost in convenience and comfort, such as voice-controlled showerheads that change temperature and flow on command. When paired with new tile work or a fresh coat of paint, a remodeling project is a genius move.

Mirror, Mirror

Smart mirrors are loaded with fancy features such as hands-free lighting and voice activation, but their 4K display and built-in touchscreen are where things get interesting. Each family member gets customizable and personalized insights through its face-recognition technology, including helpful programs like diagnostic skin analysis and augmented reality make-up displays.

Royal Flush

There’s no smarter move than installing an intelligent toilet. On this throne, you will truly feel like royalty with features such as automatic flushing, heated seats, automatic air freshening and ambient lighting. You’ll also enjoy a hands-free experience thanks to automatic seat opening and closing and personalized warm-water cleansing. These toilets are so smart they can even clean themselves.

Investing in a smart bathroom remodel is a wise decision for homeowners looking to increase buyer interest. The only problem is that once all the wonderful features are in place, you might not want to move after all.