A garden that grows vertically upward with the support of trellis and another support system rather than on the surface of soil or ground. Fence and trellis are mostly used for the vertical garden. It is a common technique that helps create a living screen between different areas that is also a source of privacy. For the privacy of home or yard now these vertical gardens are also used to grow vegetables and flowers. The concept of the vertical garden was introduced to ensure that garden space is used to its maximum potential. A structure that is commonly based on bamboo poles that allow bean plants to move and grow vertically that ensure a more growing area than it would be available in a horizontal garden. Squash, cucumber and even tomatoes can be grown in a vertical garden. Vertical gardening requires minimum planning and the right material to grow anything virtually. Different DIY kits and small containers are available in the market which can be filled with seed and soil to grow anything vertically. The vertical garden is not only limited to grow a single row of containers that are arranged into a vertical area instead of outward; this includes staging, shelving system and others. It is the creation of a flat surface during the different intervals of time in the vertical axis and keeps adding pots and trays.


It is also much easier to harvest crops from the vertical garden than from a conventional horizontal garden because you can harvest while standing upright rather than from kneeling or squatting on the ground. It is much easier for the beck and legs people having arthritis and any other disability find it much easier and beneficial. Planting flowers and trees are beneficial because it is much more convenient to water, fertilize and harvest the vegetable and plants in a vertical garden. When you grow plants in the vertical direction, it also improves air circulation it also allows healthier plants and less pest and disease problems it is also helpful in minimizing damage of the garden by animals and pets by digging up the ground. By doing vertical gardening, you can increase the beauty of the garden by creating curb appeal by including color variety and characters? Hanging baskets and windows boxes can create a structure of eye candy by planting trees at eye level through vertical gardening.


  • Easier to reach:  it is quite easy to access plants and water them. All the steps required to fertilize them are easy and can be done easily.
  • Nurturing the healthy Plants:  planting the plants up in vertical direction can enhance the circulation of air upwards. It would be out of reach from wild animals because of their standing position they cannot dig the ground even fewer pesticides attack taken place.
  • It looks good to eyes: It improves the overall look of your garden its very eye catchy and different as compared to the ordinary garden set up.
  • More plants can be grown: there is some kind of plants which takes a lot of space because the only technique they require to grow is vine its easier for you to grow different kinds of plants in vertical gardening technique.
  • Enhance the appeal of walls: you can design and enhance the overall appeal of walls by using them on walls; it looks like a green carpet.
  • Defining your space: if you can add up this vertical gardening technique, it can make your space feel defined and private.
  • Improvement in quality living: it improves the overall quality of life as you can gain more oxygen it is easier for you to plant them in balconies and small spaces available in the house.
  • Less space more plants: By using the espalier technique, you can harvest more plants in less space.


To avoid noisy neighborhood unwanted views and to create privacy, vertical gardening can help you by creating a structure that gives you a sense of privacy for your home and garden in addition to creating a healthier environment. When options are very limited in micro garden space, you create an area that is beneficial for gardening of flowers and vegetables in a narrow space. You come up with creative ideas by planting different trees at a small space you have different options to plant in a vertical structure.


The most suitable plants for vertical gardens are dense low growing and compact. First, you need to make sure to choose the species that are suitable for the aspect of the wall in which they are growing. Also, keep in mind that the bottom of the unit will hold more moisture as compared to the top, so consider this factor before planting trees at which plant should be grown at which position. The most important factor that you need to consider for vertical gardens that how much exposure a specific area receiving during the year and how it changes with time. For instance, the high building creates strong winds with a wall while choosing the right plant it is essential to consider the prevailing or existing condition of the area where you are planning to grow a vertical garden.


A well-established design is also a way to reduce future maintenance of the garden. It is important to consider the growth habit of the plants, size, and behavior on a vertical area that allow you to make the right decision regarding the combination of species you are planning to grow to keep the competition among plants at a healthy level. Artificial light is normally required indoor the average level of light in office is 300-500 lux some of the species will stay fine at 900 lux here are some common consideration for vertical planting, watering on time, clearing the dried leaves, careful selection of wind prone areas, drainage system should be cleared by disposing the water, timely use of fertilizer, use of pruning whenever required

Some common benefits of vertical gardening are that it gives aesthetic effect, it acts as natural insulation for cold and hot air, it helps in absorption of sound and noise, protection of building from extreme temperature. Hence protecting the building, it also helps in improving air quality by reducing CO2 level, improve energy efficiency and thermal insulation, it helps in holding rainwater that provides food and shelter for wildlife.


Vertical gardening is very beneficial for planting trees in a small area. It helps in clearing the air and creating a sense of privacy from neighbors and unwanted view. Vertical gardening is beneficial in urban areas to grow in a small space and grow a different variety of plants and vegetable. It is also easy to harvest plant from the vertical garden as compared to a horizontal garden. You need to consider the condition of the area that how much heat the area of gardening is receiving or is there a requirement for artificial lighting, the vertical garden creates clear area from air pollution that gives you a healthier lifestyle.