Critical Steps Before Building Your Company’s Expansion

After you’ve been running your company for a few years, you understand what your needs are. You know how much supplies cost each month, how many products customers buy, and approximately how many repairs you have to address. You also have a better grip on how much space you need to get your job done. If you’ve realized that you don’t have enough room at your current workplace and you have space in your budget, it’s time for an expansion. Follow these steps to make sure that your plan goes as smoothly as possible.

Contract a Construction Company

Finding the best company to complete your construction management St Helena CA is your first step. Some companies have architects on hand to help develop your plans, while others expect you to have finished designs. Additionally, some companies have better histories than others, so make sure you thoroughly investigate each candidate before your first meeting. Before making a deal with a construction company, make sure that its fees and schedule fit your company’s needs.

Obtain Government Permits

Depending on the size of your expansion, you may need to receive permission from your local or county government before you can break ground. Contact your homeowner’s association or county offices to learn about your area’s requirements. Generally, licensing offices want to know what you are building and where you are putting it before granting approval. Leave room in your schedule for the inspections and environmental impact reports that often accompany permits.

Expanding your company’s office is a great way to make room for new projects and branches. However, you don’t want to get stuck with a bad construction firm or be surprised by hefty fees for building in the wrong area. Take care of these issues first so that you can build with a clean conscience.