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According to recently made studies related to homes and landscaping renovations, it appears as no surprise that homeowners consider a new deck as one of their top renovation priority. Outdoor living is becoming one of the most popular trends of today in home development. Homeowners are expanding their living spaces to the outdoor and this enhancement features from fully functional outdoor space for entertainment to quiet reading places, and kitchen and dining area for the party.

No matter how ambitiously you are planning for your home renovation, the addition of a deck dramatically enhances the value of your home and enlarges your living space. Deck enhances the value of your home, they are more claustrophobic than crowded rooms, give a whole new perspective to outdoor comfort due to its more functional possibilities, and offers an entirely new look to your homes. is a well-reputed company that converts your custom deck dream into a functional and eye-soothing masterpiece. As professionals, we know that the right information with the right mindset can create world-class decks that must be some artistic wonders. We design your dream patio with a practical approach that you and your whole family can enjoy for years.

Decks for Life better know how to transform your dream deck into a beautiful reality. We design a complete framework to create a bridge between your dream and our existence and deliver you the best possible result you can wish for. Our approach is realistic, and we work in the following manner:

Why you need a patio or deck?

The very first thing we consider is what your patio or deck will be used for. It is a fundamental question to ask, and an owner must need to be honest with their self.

Will you more likely to use it just for decorative purpose or on Memorial Day?

Will you need it for weekly outdoor grilling?

Is your plan to host outdoor parties with dozens of friends or some family gatherings?

Or you are going to have your morning coffee and grill dinner nights in your new space?

Expressing a transparent and honest assessment helps us to create your ideal deck space.

Good understanding with your deck material options:

We also expect a good knowledge of primary deck material from the owner’s side. If you feel any confusion and keep doubts regarding the selection of deck material, we guide you in your best interest. There are different variations of each deck material, but basically, there are three primary materials that are used to create the majority of decks. These materials and their essential features are:

  • Wood is the authoritative content that is the priority choice for deck building. The appearance and long-term quality of your deck depend on the type of wood you choose. We insist on considering Cedar instead of pressure-treated lumber as it gives your outdoor area a better look for a longer time with a timeless appearance. Wood decks also require proper maintenance over the year as thaw cycle and moisture reduces the inward strength and outward looks of your floor.
  • PVC: It includes the decking material made of plastic and other synthetic materials. PVC can replicate natural material and usually gives you wood-like finish. PVC needs almost no unusual maintenance, it holds its color for decades, and it is more long-lasting. PVC decking is available in a variety of finishes and colors. The only thing to notice is that PVC decking contracts and expands more than any other deck material, and therefore it moves.
  • Composite: is the deck material composed of plastic fiber and wood mix and these materials make it less prone to rotting and long-term damage than wood. This material needs special screws and fasteners to hold this combination of wood and plastic to framing pylon. It comes with a protective coating to guard the boards.

Put efforts for a great view:

When making a plan and design patio, we must take into consideration the look. We try to find the perfect view for your deck from where you can view the sunrise or sunset or any other location that can provide you with a better view.

Enhance appearance with multiple levels:

To improve the overall appearance of your deck and to enhance its characters, including multiple levels is also a good option. To give it a three-dimensional feels rising or to lower the deck sections is also an idea to go with.

We insist on creating maximum natural shades:

Maximum exposure of your deck to the direct sunlight can fade the colors soon regardless of the material type. That’s the reason we consider the perfect side of your house for building deck, and try to position it in a way that gets minimum sunlight exposure. Building a pergola or canopy are other options that you can add to provide sun protection, comfort, and a touch of classic style.

Get inspiration from your existing home:

It is not necessary to copy the deck style of some other house, but your deck must have to compliment the outdoor theme of your house. Although the deck is a separate outdoor area of your home, it should look like an extension of your home. We analyze the materials already used in your house and also keep the size and shape of your home in mind. Creating a transitional space to enhance the visual appearance of your home is also a good idea.

Let Decks for Life create the perfect deck for your home:

‘’Decks for Life’’ help you to live your deck dream in the best practical way. We create custom deck designs for you considering all your requirements and desires for a perfect deck for home. Our professionals have years of experience in remodeling and construction, and we also understand your deep sentiments regarding your dream home with an equally dreamy deck.

In addition to the deck construction services ‘’Decks for Life’’ also provides repair services with competitive pricing and excellent customer support.