Different Types of Garage Screens

When you have a garage, you may wonder what a screen door’s purpose is. The main benefit of a garage screen door is that it keeps dirt and debris out of your garage. It is because a screen prevents you from tracking dirt from your garage into your home. It also keeps your garage clean by preventing debris from entering your vehicles. Its design, like the ones at US Blinds Palm Coast, also prevents dust and grime from settling on your garage floor. Here are some types of garage screens:

Stationary Garage Door Screens

Stationary garage door screens are an excellent way to provide a safer entrance to your home. A heavy-duty fiberglass screen offers durability and long-life service. Fiberglass mesh is fire-retardant, scratch-resistant, and tear-resistant, making it a great choice for use on your garage door. In addition, reinforced line design ensures the screen’s integrity and prevents it from tearing or fraying.

One of the major benefits of a garage door screen is that it keeps your garage clean. It is especially beneficial if you keep your car in the garage, as dirt and other materials can enter the garage. Screens also protect the garage door track and mechanical parts from damage. Aside from preventing debris from getting inside, they also serve as a security feature. Opening the garage door creates a lot of noise, motion, and attention and deters burglars from stealing your belongings.

Retractable Garage Door Screens

There are many reasons to install a retractable garage door screen. They can improve the appearance of your home, keep out debris, and protect the mechanical parts of your garage door. In addition, they can help improve your security by creating noise and motion that will deter burglars. Finally, it can save you a lot of money in the long run.

When choosing the retractable screen for your garage door, find one that will work for your particular setup. While they all have the same function, retractable screens have a few unique features that make them stand out from the rest. For example, many feature compact housing, smooth operation, and insect pile on the top and bottom rails. Also, check the handle, as these can cause tripping hazards for small children.

Sliding Garage Door Screens

A sliding garage door screen has many benefits over the traditional awning style. For starters, it’s easy to install and can provide wide coverage. Its durable design will keep it in place despite windy conditions. You can attach it to your garage door header with a hook-and-loop connection or use adhesive tape. Finally, it has a magnetic closure that keeps it closed and gravity weights that keep it from blowing inward.

Sliding garage door screens are the most common and affordable among the other options. They feature four panels that slide along an aluminum track. These screens are completely sealed from insects and other debris. Moreover, they can be manually operated or controlled using a separate remote. The motorized option is also helpful if your garage is particularly large. However, you should know that these screens are much heavier and may cause injury to those who might be in the vicinity.