Getting Your Townhome Ready to Sell

Prepping a townhome to put on the market is very similar to prepping a house with a little less yardwork to do. Because townhomes often make more use of vertical space, it’s important that the rooms look fabulous from bottom to top.

Look Down

Starting at the bottom is a great way to get your townhome clean. No matter what kind of flooring you have – hardwood, tile, carpet, etc. – it should be spotless. If you can’t get stains or dinginess out of your carpets, consider replacing them. Hardwood flooring should be refinished so that the surface is reflective. Likewise, if you have tile or marble floors, look into floor polishing Manhattan NY so that they really shine. It may be easy to overlook dusty baseboards, but once you start wiping them down, you’ll notice an immediate difference.  Potential buyers will surely notice clean (or dirty) floors on arrival.

Look Up

Before you sell, seriously consider repainting the walls of your townhome. Although you may have received numerous compliments over the years for your saffron yellow accent wall, repaint everything in neutral colors. Beige or light gray can work well depending on the type of flooring. Don’t forget to paint the ceiling too. If your ceiling is very high, you can paint it up to two shades darker than the walls to make the room feel cozier, but otherwise, stick with the same color you put on the walls.

Look All Around

An old agent trick to make a room look better is to replace all the lightbulbs with warm bright natural light. This is especially effective for interior rooms that may otherwise seem dark and shadowy. Buy several packs of extra bulbs as overhead lights and lamps will need to be left on all the time to show your home off to its best advantage.

If you spent many happy years in your townhome, chances are the new owners will too. With a little bit of freshening, you can really make the space appealing.