High Flow Water Filter Manufacturer

High flow shower filters are the newest trend in water filtration technology and the High Flow Water Filter manufacture is one of the major players in this market. High flow shower filters are considered by many to be more effective and reliable than the older shower and bath filters. The company was founded in 1980 by a man named Larry Giese, who went through a rough time in his personal life. He wanted a better quality of life, so he began researching water filtration technology and eventually launched a company to provide what he had found – an effective way to filter his own water.

Today the company still produces high flow filters that work extremely well to provide clean, safe water for the home. They are not expensive and the filters last quite a long time, even with daily use. Although the technology has changed over the years and there are many different products on the market, the High Flow Water System still performs as they do on old models.

The company started out using large polyethylene pipes that were attached to the kitchen faucet. Since the pipes were very heavy, they were required to be run to the basement, outside of the house, or another area where they would not get stepped on or rammed into by family members or pets. This meant that running the water through the house on a regular basis was impractical and costly. Eventually, Giese realized that he could use the same filter units that were used in his basement – but this time using them in the shower instead of in the kitchen tap. He also realized that he could attach these units to the walls of the bathroom and even to the floor to eliminate the need for larger pipes.

As the demand for safer, cleaner water increased, the company expanded into other areas of the country and began producing high-flow water filters for homes and offices in the Pacific Northwest. The demand was not what Giese had anticipated. While he expected to sell filters to homeowners in the Seattle area, which is among the most populated places in the United States, the demand far outstripped what Giese was capable of handling. He now sells filters to businesses, public agencies, and schools all over the United States.

As the company has grown, so, too, has the variety of high-flow water filters available. They can be purchased for individual uses or can be purchased to meet the needs of a larger company. In addition, when Giese decided to expand his business, he brought with him his water filtering expertise and began selling to industry and government agencies as well as to residential customers. His services range from removing chlorine and sediments from water to removing cysts from drinking water.

Giese’s main company is located in San Francisco, California. Other divisions are located in Portland, Oregon, and Hillsboro, Oregon. The company’s sales reach far and wide, but the main market continues to be the Northwest. Many of the towns in that region have combined water systems with their private treatment facilities to provide clean, safe, filtered water for their residents. Because of the high demand for great tasting water and the need for a high flow water filter, Giese and his high flow water filter manufacture continues to grow as does his customer base.

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