How To Properly Dispose of Old Materials in Your Home

When you’re updating your home, you might find that you come across many things you’ve never dealt with before. Perhaps it’s old lighting with weird insulation or metal tubes for water lines in your bathroom. While some older things can simply be tossed into the trash, you can’t do that for everything. Here are some ways to properly dispose of your old household materials.

Popcorn Ceiling

If your home was built before 1980, then there is a good chance that the popcorn ceiling in your home has asbestos in it. So, when you remove it, you must take extra precautions or hire a professional to do it.

Because of the hazard, you can’t simply collect the ceiling pieces in a bag and throw them into the trash. In most states, they must be disposed of using special hazmat disposal Monroe Township NJ methods. These methods mean that the ceiling pieces must be placed in specific bags and marked where the materials came from. You then have to take them to a particular place to have them disposed of properly.

Old Stove

Depending on how old the stove is in your house, you might actually be able to sell it. However, if you don’t want to deal with that, you can throw it away. However, you won’t want to just leave it out on the curb for trash pickup. Most areas have particular collection areas for metal items. The items are stripped of all metals, and then the rest is thrown away. They do this to recycle the materials and avoid any waste.

Light Bulbs

Many light bulbs have small amounts of mercury or other dangerous materials inside them. Because of this, you must be mindful when disposing of them. Most states require that you put broken light bulbs into specific hazmat bags and take them to a special location. You can usually recycle the lightbulbs for free, depending on how many you have.