Important Factors in Buying a Boat Lift

If you have just purchased a boat, you know that this comes with a lot of responsibilities. The boat needs to be maintained properly and you need to have a place to dock the boat. You also need to invest in a boat lift. Marine boat lifts don’t have to be glamorous; however, they do need to work well. There are a few tips that everyone should keep in mind.

The Location and Strength

Water is a powerful force and this places the boat lift at risk. The water’s force is going to vary depending on the location of the lift. For example, if a boat lift is placed along the main channel, the water is going to be incredibly strong. This means that the lift must be able to handle this force. On the other hand, if the boat lift is located near a back cove, the water is going to be much calmer. Therefore, you need to think about where the boat lift is located. This is going to impact how strong the lift must be.

The Depth of the Water

You have to think about the depth of the water at a given location. Remember that tides are going to impact the depth of the water as well. If the water depth decreases, this may make it hard to get the boat on the lift. Furthermore, if the water level drops too low, the boat may bottom out. This places the boat at risk. Make sure that you invest in a lift that will work well at all water levels.

The Slip Width

While this may seem obvious, it is often overlooked. You need to make sure the lift is the right width for the dock slip. If the lift is built incorrectly, this is going to be an expensive repair job. Changing the torsion bars on the frame as well as the channels is challenging work that will lead to some costly delays. Do the measurements upfront and make sure the boat and the dock are going to work well with the boat lift.

Find the Right Boat Lift

These are a few of the most important factors that you need to consider if you are looking for a boat lift. A lift is incredibly useful for nearly every boat owner; however, like the boat itself, there are lots of lift options from which to choose.