Landscape Lighting Ideas for The Front of Your Home

When it comes to lighting for your front yard you want to leave nothing to chance. After all, this is the front of your home, it’s the first thing people see when they come to visit. If they happen to visit after the sun has gone down their visibility is going to be significantly limited and that could result in a bad trip and fall accident.

Such an incident could become a long and expensive headache should the victim of the fall decide to bring you to court and sue you for failing to provide sufficient lighting outside your home. That is time and money you do not want to spend, put those resources to better use by installing landscape lighting monmouth county

We have some ideas as to where you should focus your efforts to help improve visibility for both you and your guests while increasing safety and security as a means to deter thieves, intruders, and other potential bad actors who may target your home for criminal activity. Don’t forget about curb appeal either, the better your front yard looks at night, the more you can improve the appearance of your home for passersby.

Table of Contents

The Front Steps

The first place you want to aim your lighting is the front entryway of the house. When you have proper illumination installed you are creating a more inviting atmosphere for your guests while alerting those uninvited that you are home. Thieves don’t work well when the occupants of the home they plan to rob are still inside.

Another benefit of placing bright lights near your front steps is that stairs can be dangerous in the dark. Either going up or going down, one bad step and someone can get very hurt. Don’t make the front steps of your home a hazard, turn on the lights and make it easier to come to your house.


The main pathways to and from your front stoop should also be well-lit because you’re dealing with the same potential hazards in the form of a slip and fall in the dark. Whether your front walks span from the sidewalk to your front steps or the garage to the front door, you don’t want to risk the safety of you, your family, or your guests by failing to light the walkways that are used most by anyone on your property.

You can install a set of simple fixtures along both sides of the pathway or bring in some brighter alternatives that are positioned from above. Whichever lighting decision you choose, you want to be sure that your lighting design is created without leaving any dark spots along your walkway. Even a small dark area can be enough for someone to lose their footing because they couldn’t see five feet ahead of them.

Be sure you are positioning your fixtures evenly, so you won’t have dark spots or you won’t have your lights too close to one another and you end up with pools of light. That can make your walkway too bright and the front of your home’s exterior appear uneven.