Saving More on Window Replacement Through the Ontario Windows Rebate Program

Window Replacement

The Ontario government provides a rebate program for purchasing replacement windows, which results in a nearly immediate return and lower monthly hydro bills. The submission of your rebate request will provide you with the exclusive opportunity to cut costs and save money by taking advantage of the Ontario window rebate program 2022. Installing new windows in your home is a beautiful method to improve appearance and energy efficiency.

The rebate is available for more than simply installing new windows; it also includes the cost of skylights, doors, boilers, furnaces, air sealing, and insulation. This article will walk you through all the information about window rebates if you live in Ontario and are considering submitting your application.

How the Ontario Energy Savings Rebate Program Works

The Ontario government is backing a rebate scheme for replacing windows to combat climate change and help individuals save money on their energy bills. Canadians who take advantage of the government discount for windows in Ontario contribute to the fight against climate change.

The initiative requires substantial work to help all Canadians in the long run. As a result of this program, Canada will have a better opportunity to become a global leader in the green economy and maintain a high standard of living. In this sense, you can view the program as an investment in the quality of life of future generations by ensuring that they will have access to clean water, air-stable employment, and nutritious food.

Procedure for Applying for the 2022 Rebate Program

The Canada Greener Home Grant program, which includes the Ontario window rebate in 2022, is a straightforward 4-stage process:

  1. Register and schedule a pre-retrofit assessment
  2. Carry out the required retrofitting (alternatively, call at 647-557-8817, and you will get a help)
  3. Schedule a checkup after the retrofit is complete and submit a claim for payment
  4. Collect the money that is being reimbursed.

Requirements and Cost for the Rebate for the Windows

Reimbursement requirements

  • You must purchase all equipment in Canada.
  • It would be best if you used a Canadian online distributor for all online purchases to qualify.
  • All apparatus used must be on the approved list.
  • Wait to remove the ENERGY STAR stickers from your doors and windows until you’ve had a chance to do a post-retrofit assessment.


  • The replacement of the glass, sash, or door without the frame is not eligible, but inserting a new window unit into an existing structure is.
  • Every rough opening can cost only $250, up to $5000.

The Canadian Greener Home Windows Loan

The Canada Greener Home Rebate program now offers loans for home improvement projects, including purchasing and installing new windows.

Details of the Loan:

  • The maximum is $40,000.
  • The lower bound is $5,000
  • A zero-interest, 10-year repayment plan
  • Personal, unsecured loans based on credit history


You can get the application process and loan specifics outlined on the website Natural Resources Canada maintained.

More on Items Eligible for the Ontario Window Replacement Rebate Program

Read on to discover more about the Ontario Window Replacement Rebate Program and other returns for energy-saving home upgrades, or visit the Canadian government’s website specifically for the Canada Greener Home Grant.

Upgrades That Qualify

  • In-home insulation costs up to $5.000
    • Putting insulation in the roof and ceiling
    • Building envelope insulation
    • Floor insulation for basements and foundations
    • Crawlspaces
  • Up to $1000 for airtightness repairs
  • You can get between $125 to $250 for each window or door you replace.
  • Up to $50 for thermostats (ensure that you combine it with another retrofit)
  • Heating your home and water: up to $5,000
    • Geothermal heat pumps
    • Heat pumps that operate on air and in frigid temperatures
    • Compressor Heater water heaters (up to $1000)
  • Spending up to $5,000 on renewable energy
  • Investments of up to $1,000 in resiliency strategies (ensure that you combine it with another energy efficiency retrofit)

Unqualified Upgrades

  • Any renovations made before conducting a pre-retrofit assessment
  • Any alterations made before December 1, 2020
  • Rented or leased tools
  • Furnaces (there’s an exception for residents in a northern or off-grid community)
  • HVAC Systems
  • Storage tankless or tanked gas water heaters
  • Skylights
  • Boilers (there’s an exception for residents in a northern or off-grid community)
  • Roofs

The home improvement market in Canada relies heavily on the Ontario green energy window rebate. It encourages people to install new, energy-saving windows in their homes. Rapid implementation of the climate plan’s measures to increase energy efficiency will positively affect Canada’s economy and environment.

The initiative is open to both large and small window stores across Ontario. The program encourages Canadians to increase their use of energy-efficient products.