Signs to Know Before Pool Renovations in Gold Coast

In case you own a residential pool, you probably know its effects on the overall value of your household. Apart from providing the aesthetical perspective that will increase the appeal of your home, you will get benefits that come with swimming and enjoy with your loved ones.

However, similarly, as other things within your house, you need to maintain it properly to achieve the overall beauty for a long time.

You should know about particular safety concerns that come with old pools, check out for signs of wearing and other issues, and address them promptly.

Before checking out Pool Renovations Gold Coast, you should know how to detect the current issues that happen inside and outside your residential pool.

Pool Inspection

If your pool is reaching a few years of age, we recommend you to conduct professional inspections to maintain the overall safety and comply with current regulations.

Therefore, the pool professional will check for essential equipment, including filters, heater, pumps, and drains. Everything depends on your regular maintenance, but the common problems that happen to pools include malfunctions, leaks, and operating glitches, among other things.

Besides, you should add to the list inspecting the plaster and pool liner to detect the potential problems that could affect your daily enjoyments. By conducting a regular inspection, you will be able to prolong the life of the pool you own and deal with potential safety hazards as well.

In the further article, we will present to you the common signs that your pool requires renovation. You should check here to learn more about water sanitization in general.

Common Signs

  • Faded Vinyl Liner Colors – In case you notice less vibrant colors and appearance that looks like it is shrinking at the edges, you should do something about it. Generally, vinyl should last up to 15 years. However, exposure to chemicals and UV radiation tends to decrease its lifespan.
  • Evident Deteriorations – Pool renovations are essential in case you notice apparent signs that your pool is decaying. As soon as you notice the crack spots, noticeable leaks, and rust, you should do something about it.
  • Lousy Equipment – Another critical consideration includes the equipment you are using for the overall enjoyment. If the equipment uses electricity and you are not getting everything handled as before, it means that you should find professional help. Remember that electrical devices can malfunction and lead to safety issues for anyone inside the pool. Instead of using the old and lousy equipment, you should upgrade it once in a few years to get more automated solutions that use fewer chemicals and less energy in general.
  • Hazards – If you notice loose flaws or tiles that could lead to trip hazards inside, which are problematic, especially for seniors. On the other hand, broken covers and lightning will lead to safety issues that are simple to prevent by repairing them or finding new ones instead. In both cases, you will be able to prevent them by being proactive.
  • Landscaping – The pool can connect with landscaping, which is why you need to address both things at the same time. Generally, implementing water features, decking, and trees is an excellent thing about your backyard because they improve the overall aesthetical value. Still, you need to maintain and inspect everything before the hazard happens.
  • Stains and Texture – Stains can come in a wide array of sizes and shapes. Even though it is a lousy problem that you can deal with ease, it could be annoying and less appealing after a while. At the same time, you should check how your pool feels on the touch. If you notice the rougher parts, it means that your water could have unbalanced pH levels that tend to deteriorate its surface. Instead of waiting for further issues, you can deal with everything promptly.


The inspection will determine whether your pool requires resurfacing or not. Generally, if you leave the surface issues unattained, they can become destructive to your loved ones and lead to more expensive repairs and renovations.

Generally, adding a new surface is simple as it gets, and you will need to wait for a few days for it to dry. After the curing period, you can plan the next party, which is an important consideration for the upcoming summer days.

If you wish to learn how to maintain your pool properly, you should visit this link: for more information.

How to Maintain Your Pool

  • Clean, Clean, Clean – It is vital to clean it effectively, especially after rains or other weather conditions. That way, you will clean the surface of the water, vacuum the bottom, and brush the sides. We recommend you to consider surrounding areas such as flower planters and decks because algae can start growing there.
  • Water Chemistry – At the same time, water chemistry is essential to safeguard because you will prevent germs, bacteria, and other residues that will affect the water’s balance. By doing this, you will prevent the corrosion that could happen to equipment. At the same time, you should add chlorine stabilizers, pH boosters, and aqua bromine so that you can improve its clarity and purity.