The 5 Most Common Excavator Attachments

Excavation projects involve a lot of moving parts, including the various types of equipment needed to excavate. However, it wouldn’t be efficient to use a separate machine for each job. Instead, excavation professionals use different attachments on their excavator machines to efficiently perform different tasks.

Experts use excavator attachments in a variety of industries, including construction, recycling, and waste management, and aggregate and quarry work. Here are a few of the most commonly used excavator attachments used by the pros today:

  1. Digger Bucket
    These types of buckets dig holes and load and carry material. You can find them in an assortment of sizes, shapes, and types(such as clean-up, rock, hard-pan, etc.). Some are designed for softer jobs like digging through soil, and some are intended for harder jobs such as digging through rock or other harder surfaces. The one you choose will depend on the project you’re doing.
  2. Hydraulic Rock Breaker
    It’s challenging to break through and cut certain materials, especially if they rank among the hardest materials on the planet. That’s where hydraulic rock breakers come in handy. This versatile attachment can break through concrete, rock, and other challenging surfaces. You can use it for light, medium, or heavy-duty jobs.
  3. Rock Saw
    If you need a rock-cutting attachment for a quarrying, earthmoving, or mining job, the rock saw is the perfect tool for you. This powerful, circular saw effortlessly cuts through just about anything. It comes in a variety of blade sizes, cut width, and cut depth, depending on your specific needs.
  4. Auger
    With a hydraulic auger, you’ll be able to dig a deep hole in the ground (usually up to around 32 feet) within a matter of minutes.This spiral-shaped tool resembles a drill and pierces the ground and twists to remove dirt and debris from the hole as it’s digging.
  5. Clamp
    When you’re unable to pick up a large object in your excavator bucket, you can use a clamp to secure the object and relocate it to where you need it to go. These are excellent tools for moving trees and large pieces of concrete or other material.

Excavator attachments offer a practical and convenient way of digging, moving, and cutting through demolition areas to make way for the new. Hard jobs require the strongest, highest-quality equipment on the market. If you’re looking for an attachment that can cut, grind, or carry, visit