The Best Things About Quartz Countertops

More and more homeowners and bathroom and kitchen designers are turning to quartz agglomerate coatings and countertops when renovating. The thing is that artificial quartz stone is easy to maintain, and the market offers a great variety of different colors, patterns and textures for the most sophisticated taste. Mostly agglomerate quartz countertops can be found in the kitchen and in the bathroom, however, quartz coatings are great for finishing aprons behind the sink, shower cabins, bathroom walls and floors, and even fireplaces.

Some tips to help you choose the perfect quartz agglomerate finish or countertop for your kitchen, bathroom or any other design solution.

  1. Choose the color, pattern and texture of your choice

In the past few years, silica agglomerate coatings have begun to resemble a true work of art. Graniteselectionpresents some of the most stunning collections of quartz agglomerate on the market. Many models provided by them are patterned in granite or marble, and the manufacturer offers many different colors to suit all tastes.

The collection countertops are available in polished, matte or rough surfaces. In addition to the bright colors often used in modern designStone Countertops, the company offers a choice of new color solutions for its coatings, for example, speckled, as well as imitating marble or granite.

  1. The correct thickness is the key to quality and durability

Depending on the application, it is extremely important to select the correct thickness of the quartz agglomerate slab. The standard thickness is usually 30 mm, which is usually sufficient for kitchen countertops and bathroom sinks. Quartz agglomerate can also be 12 mm, 20 mm and 40 mm thick.

3.Beautiful edging will highlight the style of your countertop

The edge adds a special style and sophistication to the tabletop, but also affects its price. Standard edges: straight (square) and “waterfall” are cheaper. They can be used with 30mm thick quartz agglomerate slabs. More sophisticated and expensive options edges are the following names: S-shaped curve of the edge, the edge of “butt pencil” beveled edge, the edge with a rounded form ” bull nose ” ( Bullnose ) and laminated edge with additional quartz layer to give it a truly royal species.