The Six-Step Process for Cleaning Up After a Storm

Those who have not had the unfortunate need to clean up after a storm or a hurricane can count themselves lucky. However, it is an important thing to know for any homeowner or renter, because you just never know when the knowledge will help you out.

While there is a lot to recover from a terrible storm, bringing your home and property back to a state of order does not have to be complicated. In fact, it can help bring a sense of calmness to the entire situation. Here is a six step guide to cleaning up after a storm!

Gear Up

Making sure that you are wearing protective gear to clean up is important. Storms can stir up a lot of different bacterias and other potentially harmful debris like broken glass, piles, and other such things. Thick gloves, face coverings, and long sleeves/pants are important.

Handle Hazardous Materials

Start by looking out for any hazardous materials such as open containers of chemicals, oils, or other such debris. Make sure you follow federal guidelines for disposing of these materials.

Dry Things Up

Storms can cause a lot of excess moisture in and around your home. Left unchecked this can lead to some serious damage as well as mold. Whether it is by industrial dryer, or a wet vac, you need to make sure you dry your home.

Broken Glass

Keep an eye out for broken glass. Storms can send tree branches or other such debris and materials right through windows. Be careful when cleaning up broken glass and dealing with shattered window panes.

Strip The Carpets And Upholstery

Storm water or flood water will cause chaos for your carpets, couches and any upholstered furniture. Anything that has been exposed to these waters needs to be stripped up or unupholstered in order to prevent mold growth.

Electronic Check

One of the last things you should do during the cleanup of your home is to make sure that your electronics are in working order. Before checking them for water damage, make sure they are unplugged, or the power to the outlet is off.

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