Top Scenarios When You’ll Need a Tree Removal

If you own land with trees, it’s inevitable that one will need to be removed at some point. Most people hate cutting down trees, but sometimes it’s unavoidable. Here are four of the most likely scenarios in which you’ll need tree removal.

Damage From a Storm

Storms can wreak havoc on your property and trees take the brunt of it. Sometimes strong winds and lighting damage a tree to the point where it’s no longer safe. Cutting down the tree yourself shouldn’t be attempted. Instead, locate tree removal service Orlando FL to remove it quickly and safely.

Infestation or Disease

Unfortunately, trees can become infested by insects or diseased. Many times this is already in progress before you see outward signs, until slowly the tree starts to die from the bottom up. In time, it’ll make the entire yard look bad. A diseased, infested or dying tree is a valid reason for removal.

Crowded Landscaping

Often, too many trees are planted in the same area and as they grow, they crowd each other out. As a result, none of them do well and the extra shade they produce doesn’t allow for grass and other plants. In this situation, thinning them out is your best option.

Root Problems

People have the best of intentions when planting trees, but sometimes the location isn’t well-thought-out. Years later, roots begin to lift sidewalks and driveways. Long branches get out of control, damaging roofs. When a tree is ruining your property, or creating a dangerous situation, it’s best to have it cut down.

When It’s the Best Option

Trees are a beautiful addition to any landscape, but sometimes removal is necessary. To avoid having a tree cause damage to your home, cutting it down is required. Then, you can think about replanting your yard with smaller, more suitable trees.