Ways You Can Use Outside Temperature Sensors To Become Irresistible To Customers

By choosing regulation according to the outside temperature, you get the most out of the performance of your heating system and you can make additional savings on your annual energy bill.

You can expect a potential gain of 6% in operating efficiency by switching from regulation by constant temperature to regulation by an external sensor.

The essential role of the outdoor sensor

Controlling the boiler as a function of the outside makes it possible to precisely adjust the starting temperature of the boiler according to the outside temperature, recorded using a probe.

A probe is a piece of equipment that measures the outside temperature at all times: regulation is carried out according to what is called a water law. The colder it is outside, the higher the boiler temperature. When the outside temperatures are milder, the boiler water is produced from a lower temperature.

Thus, throughout the heating season, regulation based on the outside will reduce the average temperature of the boiler, which promotes condensation.

Concretely, when the flue gas temperature drops below 57 ° C for gas and 47 ° C for fuel oil, the water vapor contained in the flue gases condenses and heat can then be recovered.

The efficiency of the boiler is improved compared to a control at constant water temperature. The energy savings thus achieved can represent up to 10% of your annual heating expenses.

The regulation of its heating with an external sensor: comfort above all

The continuous operation of the circulator linked to a modulation of the power of the burner allows the diffusion of heat permanently in the rooms and gives you comfort.

Associated with a remote control with Outside Temperature Sensors or with thermostatic radiator valves, the regulation according to the exterior anticipates weather variations. In winter, the boiler adapts to lower temperatures before the home has had time to cool down. You can have all the ideas from blackhawksupply.com. You enjoy a gentle and constant heat, which perfectly matches your lifestyle!