Weathering a Hurricane

In tropical areas, hurricanes can be devastating to your home and family. Some hurricane systems are life-threatening, so being prepared is a must; learning all that you can about hurricane safety now can make all the difference once a storm rolls in.

  1. Have an Emergency Plan

First and foremost, everyone living in a tropical area should have an emergency plan ready to go in case of a storm. This plan should be thorough and communicated in advance to your family and close friends. Being prepared to evacuate if you must, as well as knowing a successful exit route from your current location can add peace of mind as a storm approaches.

  1. Install Hurricane Windows and Shutters

Prepare your home by upgrading your windows and shutters. Installing impact resistant windows West Palm Beach gives your home a better chance of withstanding the storm and is more likely to protect your possessions from high winds and water. Additionally, adding shutters on the outside of each window can also be helpful in preventing damage to your home.

  1. Stock Your Emergency Kit

Stock your emergency kit to be ready for anything! Water and non-perishable food (think canned fruits and meats) are great to have on hand in an emergency kit. And don’t forget a can opener! You should also have a battery-powered flashlight, a hand-crank radio, and extra batteries. A pocket knife is also helpful to have on hand, as you never know what needs might arise as you hunker down through the storm.

  1. Protect Your Valuables

Be sure to store important things like passports, insurance policies, and other valuables in a locked, weather-proofed box. This makes them easy to access if you do need to evacuate and keeps them safe if the storm does indeed hit and cause damage to your home.

An impending hurricane is certainly a threat that you should be well-prepared for if you live in a tropical area where these storms are frequent. Taking these steps will help you to be prepared!